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The Top Free Open Source Construction Management Software You Need To Know.

If you have a small scale construction company and are looking for automating some of the processes and you don’t want to spend a fortune, then there are a few free software in the market that you can use. Want online course on construction software, then visit

Estimator Application: This free estimating software does cost estimating. More than anything it is a pre-filled spreadsheet with equations that are used by contractors. This is great for estimating larger projects and to produce proposals though. The drawback is that it is not easy to learn how to use.

CurrentSet: CurrentSet is a free drawing management software offered by Procore which is one of the trusted names in construction software. This software helps all your mark-ups and drawings compiled in one space. This syncs up with a mobile app.

OpenDocMan: This is a document management system. This can be used for hosting any number of files, revision history, file expiration and detailed search.

How to maintain a hydraulic power pack like a pro!

A little bit of proper maintenance goes a long way in keeping any machine up and running properly for a long time. How do you maintain hydraulic power packs? How to order hydraulic power packs online in United Kingdom? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Make a maintenance schedule for the filter and stick to it diligently.
2. When you change the filters, check them for wear and tear to see if you have to shorten the next service to avoid impending problems.
3. Any fluid that has leaked out – stays out. Never put it back in the system.
4. The fresh fluid that is stocked up should always be well covered.
5. Always use clean hoses, funnels and contains to fill the reservoir.
6. Use the general precautions to avoid any dirt entering into the parts that have been removed for servicing
7. Always ensure that filter caps, clean out holes and breather cap filters are all properly fastened.
8. Never run the system till every part of the device is back in place.
9. Use the right fluid as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.
10. If you are thinking of changing the types of fluid, consult the manufacturers of the component and filters before doing so to ensure safety.