How important is C’ Class For SEO Hosting

network_cablingKnow About Your IP Address

IP address is the base for everything that runs over a network. Each and every computer that is linked over a network has to have an IP address. This IP address is in the format as A.B.C.D. Each letter represents a class that is identified by a number between 0 and 255.

‘C’ Class and IP

Hosting sites will have unique IP addresses.

Hosting many sites from the same server will share the same ‘C’ Class IP’s.

For e.g.

Here 192.23.45 represents the network part and the last set represents the computer.

‘C’ Class And Back Links

One may tend to have many back links in their site to make it popular. When many back links are from different websites having IP addresses with same ‘C’ Class, then your website may be under risk of rejection by search engines. This is where SEO hosting comes handy.

This facility can be used to order multiple IP addresses with different ‘C’ Class. So, host websites without worrying about unique ‘C’ Class IP’s.